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Spend Time With Your Friends

It is important to spend time with your friends because this will allow you to create a closer bond with them. Our friends will be like a second family to us and it is important for them to be involved in your life and for you to be involved in theirs. Strong friendships have been proven to make people happier and healthier as well. You must make sure that you make it a point to hang out with your friends more often.

Meet up annually

As you grow older it can be more and more difficult to see your friends on a daily basis because of work or even your family commitments. When you decide to meet up annually it will be easier for everyone because it will be easier to plan your schedules. By having things like a board game night once a week you will see each other often. You can buy marked poker cards for your game night if you want to have a good time with your friends.

Make it interesting  

When you meet up for a game night you should try and make it interesting by playing for higher stakes or by playing different versions of the game. This will keep people on their toes and make the nights more memorable. You can get a playing cards analyzer in order to have the upper hand.

You will feel like you belong

When you spend time with your friend’s you will have people who you can talk to and who you can open up to. Our friends are different from our family because they tend to go through the same things that we go through so it is easier to relate to them. When you meet your friends they can help you fix problems that you may have or even if they can’t it will still feel good to get things off of your chest.

Don’t drift apart

When you grow older you will want to look back on your life with the people that you shared memories with. It can be easy to lose touch with people you were once very close to so don’t think that this cannot happen to you. When you spend enough time apart eventually you will move on with your lives and make new friends. If you care about somebody enough you must make the effort to see them. If you feel like your work life is getting in the way of you seeing your friends then you must reevaluate your schedule because when you grow older you will not care about your accomplishments if you don’t have the right people around you.